Relaxing my knitting muscles

After a marathon session of speed knitting, I knit 6 samples in 10 days. Phew! It was tough on my hands and arms. Knitting quickly for that many days in a row makes me feel muscles that I didn’t know were used for knitting. I think the most sore part was my left shoulder.

20150327aNow, I’m relaxing my knitting muscles by cross stitching. I learned about biscornus last year and found these two french books that have so many beautiful patterns. I started the girls a while ago, but got slowed down by all of the little half stitches. I’ve found that I’m not fond of color changes for one tiny stitch. I just started the blue and white last night. I plan on filling these with lavendar. 20150327b

Sample knitting

I was all set to knit a few lace scarves when I got an email to do a few sample knits. For my relatives, sample knitting is when I knit an item that will be photographed for a pattern (or book). It’s the official version of the knitted item. I like sample knitting. It lets me knit items without having to keep them. I already have an abundance of hand knit items. Those socks in the previous post have never been worn other than the time I needed to photographed them. I get to try yarns that are new to me. I even get to try techniques that I haven’t tried. In my own knitting, I tend to stay with my favorite cast-ons, cast-offs, ways of increasing, etc. With sample knitting, the item has to be knit exactly like the pattern states–no exceptions.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to knit or what to design. Sample knitting is a way to knit without thinking. I just need to follow the instructions.

Old site, new blog

IMG_7096 copySince it’s been about 4 years since I’ve updated my old website, I decided to just take it down. It’s been about just as long since I’ve updated my old blog. I didn’t even bother to bring over those old posts.

The picture is all of the socks that I’ve ever designed and knit. The grouping on the right has a pattern that has been released. The sort of smaller grouping on the left doesn’t have a pattern, has a draft, or has an untested complete pattern. I’ve been reluctant to start designing anything else until I get caught up with these.

I’ve been distracted by other things. Cross stitching, quilting, and weaving are a few of the recent ones. Plus, I want to design other things.