Sample knitting

I was all set to knit a few lace scarves when I got an email to do a few sample knits. For my relatives, sample knitting is when I knit an item that will be photographed for a pattern (or book). It’s the official version of the knitted item. I like sample knitting. It lets me knit items without having to keep them. I already have an abundance of hand knit items. Those socks in the previous post have never been worn other than the time I needed to photographed them. I get to try yarns that are new to me. I even get to try techniques that I haven’t tried. In my own knitting, I tend to stay with my favorite cast-ons, cast-offs, ways of increasing, etc. With sample knitting, the item has to be knit exactly like the pattern states–no exceptions.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to knit or what to design. Sample knitting is a way to knit without thinking. I just need to follow the instructions.

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