Biscornu everywhere

I will need to start some sample knits again soon, so I’ve been working on little biscornu projects to fill the time until then. These are from two french books. If you search for biscornu on amazon, they come up on the first page. In the charts for this first pattern, I found an error in one of the blocks. I think those 8 triangles took more time than the 4 squares. Not because they’re harder, but because I don’t really like making the same thing that many times. I kept stalling and not working on it.20150405A

But the results are so cute! I thought about stuffing these with lavender. I changed my mind because I thought stuffing this with polyfil would make it hold it’s shape better. I’m not sure what to do with it. The first question my husband asked was, “What is it?” I don’t know. An ornament? Just a cute thing to hang somewhere.20150407c

This will be a regular biscornu. I decided to use my frame for this. I stitch faster when I can use both hands to stitch instead of having one hand hold the fabric. This is a remnant piece of Monaco evenweave. I plan on stitch as many biscornu squares on it that will fit and then cutting them apart.20150407d

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