Blocking shawls

I really like knitting shawls. I really dislike blocking them. Sure, blocking makes them look 10x better. I just don’t enjoy crawling all over the floor, trying to thread the blocking wires, and the whole stretch-pin-stretch more-move pins thing. So, I usually leave completed shawls in a pile before I get around to blocking them. I would much rather spend my time starting a new project.


This pattern is Shetland Ruffles by Kieran Foley.  This pattern looks great with self striping yarns. The yarn I used is String Theory Colorworks in the Entanglement base in the Beryllium color. I made the scarf narrower since I only had one skein of yarn. This was a fun project and I think I could knit this pattern more than once–very rare for me.

20150402g This shawl is Lotus Challenge by Xandy Peters. She comes up with incredible patterns that look like they should be colorwork, but aren’t. They’re done with stacked increases and decreases. This shawl is made out of Malabrigo Silky Merino. It’s a very soft yarn that’s great for garter shawls. I enjoyed knitting this shawl, but picking out colors was hard.


Sample knitting

I was all set to knit a few lace scarves when I got an email to do a few sample knits. For my relatives, sample knitting is when I knit an item that will be photographed for a pattern (or book). It’s the official version of the knitted item. I like sample knitting. It lets me knit items without having to keep them. I already have an abundance of hand knit items. Those socks in the previous post have never been worn other than the time I needed to photographed them. I get to try yarns that are new to me. I even get to try techniques that I haven’t tried. In my own knitting, I tend to stay with my favorite cast-ons, cast-offs, ways of increasing, etc. With sample knitting, the item has to be knit exactly like the pattern states–no exceptions.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to knit or what to design. Sample knitting is a way to knit without thinking. I just need to follow the instructions.

Old site, new blog

IMG_7096 copySince it’s been about 4 years since I’ve updated my old website, I decided to just take it down. It’s been about just as long since I’ve updated my old blog. I didn’t even bother to bring over those old posts.

The picture is all of the socks that I’ve ever designed and knit. The grouping on the right has a pattern that has been released. The sort of smaller grouping on the left doesn’t have a pattern, has a draft, or has an untested complete pattern. I’ve been reluctant to start designing anything else until I get caught up with these.

I’ve been distracted by other things. Cross stitching, quilting, and weaving are a few of the recent ones. Plus, I want to design other things.